About Us

Operation Heart to Heart is a faith-based, nonprofit organization providing qualitative and quantitative healthcare through medical missions and building sterilized clinics. Eradicating illiteracy through education, empowerment through vocational training. Eradicating homelessness and hunger by building Eco-Villages & Eco- Cities with Grow tunnel farms and green farms attached to each home.
Additionally, OHTH is Waging War on HIV/AIDS & other Diseases focusing its efforts on Abstinence, Confidential Screening, Prevention, Support, Care, Education and Treatment Campaigns to the previously mentioned population. We are in the process of building a Unique, State of the Art Diagnostic Tele-Medicine Hospital, S.T.E.M Academy, Vocational Training Center and Orphanage in Nigeria and use these as a model for other African countries.
OHTH Inc. recruits and collaborates with Qualified Medical teams and offers Short-Term assignments for Volunteer Doctors, General Practitioners, Surgeons, Dentists, Ophthalmologists, and various other Specialties and Medical and Non-Medical personnel to conduct Medical Clinics in Impoverished and Remote areas where Medical care is limited or none existent. OHTH was founded on the belief that knowledge of Basic Health facts and access to Health care should not be limited to select nations, regions, and classes of people or groups of people; but should be shared by as many people as is absolutely possible. Our Vital work is undertaken to include some of the millions of people who have been excluded from today’s Healthcare Systems worldwide. OHTH INC” has also taken up arms in battle against the Dreaded Killer disease HIV/AIDS with the inception of the Project birthed in January 1999.
There is no gentle way to share with you the catastrophic impact of the HIV/AIDS virus in Africa. Here are some Chilling facts: between the Continent’s Majestic sunrise of one day and the sunrise of the next, AIDS will destroy the lives of SIX THOUSAND of our fellow human beings.

We partner with organizations to eradicate

Terrorism & War
Sickness, Disease & Senseless Untimely Deaths.
Sex, Human & Organ Trafficking

We have a clear vision

Build Vocational training centers to rehabilitate, equip train & empower children, women & men rescued from sex, human & organ trafficking.
Education through the S.T.E.A.M Academy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics).
To be the Preeminent, Global, Nonprofit, Faith-Based, Health Provider that creates, sustains, and enhances Universal Community Status by making available Compassionate, Responsive, and High Quality Medical services to the masses worldwide.
We are committed to minister love and compassion to those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS and various other diseases in Africa and other nations:
Through short and long term Medical Missions in rural and neglected villages.
Equipping of State Hospitals and Maternity centers with up to date quality Medical Equipment adequate for African use and Technology.
Providing Expertise, Technology, Medical diagnosis, and Treatment to improve the devastating situation of the quality of Medical care to the poor and impoverished African countries.
To build and Equip Clean, Sterile and Exemplary State of art diagnostic Clinics.
Build the Eco-City, a Template for all countries in Africa and the world.